• Laser Cutting and Engraving
    A Creative laser workshop in India using the latest in laser cutting & engraving techniques. We offer quality rendering of designs in a range of materials as well as 'last-mile' conversion and development for designers, artists, trade and hobbyists. Cutting and engraving of woods & laminates, card & paper stock, various plastics, leather, felt, fabrics, and many more things that can burn or melt, as well as the engraving of glass, and the marking of coated metals. Creation, conversion & development of your ideas, from whatever stage you're at, to a final product or prototype.
  • CNC Routing and Cutting
    The Art City operating from the Heart of India ( kutch-Gujarat ) with a dedicated team having over 10 year’s experience, There are an amazing number of possibilities for CNC routing that we are offering. A lot of parts or components that can be cut, shaped, and/or drilled can be CNC routed made in various types materials. Here are some material which can be routed are Acrylic, ABS, Nylon, Teflon, Polycarbonate, Aluminium, Aluminum Composite Panels, Brass, Copper, Corian, MDF, Particle Board, Plywood, Mango wood, Teak wood, Hard wood , Soft wood, Rose wood, Hylum, Bakelite, Foam, Solid Surface materials etc. Here are some industries and products that employ CNC routing operations which we are providing are Architectural Elements, Cabinet Components, Nested Based Manufacturing, Point of Purchase Components, Prototypes, Routed Millwork, Sign Engraving and cuttings, Store Fixture Components, Store Lettering, Dies for Vacuum or FRP forming, Plastics components etc. Our array of services and job work has been very popular amongst our clients as per their unique suggestions and requirements. Our range of services includes product fabrication services, industrial fabrication services, custom designing services, product designing services, 3d designing services, carving services, engraving services, die making services, cad designing services, profile cutting services, training services and fabricated products.
  • Water-jet Cutting
    Art City offers a unique approach to providing custom waterjet cutting services .We stock a wide variety of materials, use state-of-the-art machines and diligently follow all design specifications. We continually strive to improve and optimize our processes and maximize customer convenience. Our customers range from inventors to businesses to government agencies. We are focused on quality and customer service. We, Art City are an ISO 9001:2008 Complied Company and take this opportunity to inform that we are the proud owners of the much valued & latest machine in technology of Sheet Metal cutting ,This cutting edge Technology machine has the superior combination of the highest efficiency and unmatched level of quality in cutting parts of more than 100 varieties of materials from Stainless steel to titanium, carbon fiber to composite materials, industrial gaskets to rubber, granite to ceramics, glass, marble, foam materials …, almost any Natural or Man Made Material – metal, stone, plastics and much more up to a thickness of 200mm, with superior quality
  • All Services
    CNC LASER CUTTING ,ENGRAVING CUTTING & WATERJET CUTTING We take this opportunity to inform you that we have abrasive WATERJET Cutting machine, laser Cutting machine & engraving router machine. This Cutting edge computerized technology has the superior combination of creative in 2D-3D designing & high efficiency in Cutting materials like stainless steel, mildsteel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, ms, rubber, hard steel, composite artificial & natural marble, granite, ceramic tile, stone 2D-3D engraving & carving, computerized laser Cutting on corian, solid surface, wood, MDF, ply, veneer, ACP sheet, acrylic, bison board, cement sheet, cera board, WPC fiber board, nylon, plastic, etc. Inlay work Router engraving & WATERJET Cutting in material like composite artificial & natural marble inlay in other color marble, marble inlay in granite, marble inlay in tile, brass inlay in marble, granite inlay in ceramic tile, brass inlay in granite, brass inlay in tiles, brass inlay in solid surface, ss inlay work in solid surface, copper inlay in corian, etc. Inlay work are used in architecture design, interior design, flooring carving, decorative wall art, roof fall ceiling area, name plate signage, jali, grill, partisan, paneling, etc. CNC laser Cutting & WATERJET Cutting are used in many industry, medical pharmacy, packaging equipment, custom sheet metal fabrication, precision engineering profile, automobile spare parts, architect & interior work, infrastructure metal building structure, etc. OUR SERVICES: o Aluminum Cutting o Corian engraving Cutting art work o Solid surface CNC Cutting o MDF jali Cutting o Wave design board manufacturer o Brass & copper CNC Cutting o Decorative safety door grill o Architecture & interior carving art CNC laser cut o Wave MDF decorative panel o MDF carved panel o MS & SS LASER WATERJET CUTTING o Acrylic laser Cutting o CERAMIC TILES DESIGN CUTTING o Solid surface laser engraving o MARBLE & GRANITE CNC laser Cutting o PLASTIC, RUBBER, NYLON, GASKET & UHMW CNC ROUTER CUTTING o CEMENT SHEET & CERA BOARD CNC LASER CUTTING o 3D Carving CORIAN JALI LASER CUTTING o MDF & WOOD JALI ENGRAVING CNC CUTTING o WATERJET Cutting jobwork & service o CNC art work o Corian laser cut o CNC router MDF 2d Cutting o Wave MDF decorative panel o 3d wall panel o Wave wall panel o Wooden carving designing tiles o MDF Decorative Panel o Titanium WATERJET Cutting o Veneer CNC Cutting o Corian design Cutting service o Corian computerized Cutting o Marble stone engraving o MDF jali panel o Natural veneer art o Metal wall decor o WPC wave board 6mm o Motif Cutting service o 3d wall art o ACP sheet laser engraving CNC Cutting o Bison sheet engraving laser Cutting o Carving on non metal item

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